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We love empanadas, probably just as much as electronic music. That's it. Plain and simple. So, why not share our love of music with you?

0 Comments March 2013 :: BAEZ - Opening Set for Damian Lazarus at Mansion [05.10.12]
Posted by leilasarvghadi on March 1, 2013 at 2:12 AM

We know it's been awhile. We apologize! But Papi's Podcast is back. This month we feature a favorite mix of ours from last year from Miami-based Dominican born DJ -- BAEZ -- or Jason Baez. His deep house grooves opening up for Damian Lazarus at Mansion in Miami make you wanna get up and move and get down and dirty... all at the same time! Well done, BAEZ. Well done.

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0 Comments June 2012 :: Beki Powell - Didn't Have to Be There [Released April 2012]
Posted by leilasarvghadi on June 12, 2012 at 6:23 PM

Beki is a beautiful and spunky native of New York, and a personal friend of Papi's Empanadas. A creative spirit who has been especially inspired to express herself through music as of late, we are so happy and proud to feature her mix this month! Crisp and clean funky sounds that make you want to instantly get up and groove is the best way to describe this mix... or "a one-way ticket to groove-town" as Beki would say. ;)

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Tags: Beki powell , papi's empanadas , papi's podcast
0 Comments May 2012 :: Atish - The River [Released April 2012]
Posted by leilasarvghadi on May 14, 2012 at 5:32 PM

This month we've chosen to get a bit deeper in sounds, and present a mix by San Francisco-based, Atish. It's a very emotional and melodic piece, and his own words really are the only appropriate way to describe it: "This mix matches the ebbs and flows of a river...perhaps a bit bi-polar in its feeling from dark to bright and dark again. I'll admit, at first, I cringed listening through feeling shifts in the mix, especially near the end...but upon reflection, I kept it as is and found myself satisfied...these changes in feelings are human. We are all chaotic, unpredictable, emotional beings to varying degrees...a static being is dead and it's impossible to step in the same river I'll just stand back and let the music flow as is." Well said, Atish. Papi's Empanadas supports you!

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Tags: Atish , house , san francisco , deep melodic house
0 Comments March 2012 :: Jonny White & Shaun Reeves - Sacbe (Heart of the Jungle) [Released January 2012]
Posted by leilasarvghadi on March 21, 2012 at 11:35 AM

Just because it's officially spring time and yesterday was the Persian New Year (eide hamegi mobarak) we're putting up an extra mix this month. The Sacbe (The Heart of The Jungle) Party from this years BPM Festival in Mexico is still being spoken of as one of the events of the year. In celebration and in remembering this magical event, No.19 Music's Jonny White and Visionquest's Shaun Reeves have put together a mix reminiscent of their set at Sacbe which was one of the highlights of this year's trip to Mexico for many. [credit to]

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Tags: Sacbe , electronic music , deep house , house music , tech house , techno , edm , papi's empanadas , empanada house , papi's empanadas podcast , jonny white and shaun reeves , jonny white , shaun reeves
0 Comments March 2012 :: Sven Weisemann Pleasant-Tasting Mix [Released January 2012]
Posted by leilasarvghadi on March 21, 2012 at 7:57 AM

This month we feature Berlin-based 26 year old Sven Weisemann. With a name like that, we expect hard dark Berlin techno, but no. We certainly got the unexpected. Sven is filled with all kinds of deep and soulful sounds, bringing us big Chicago house to Detroit techno somehow masterfully crafted all together. Relive your big dance floor Arc dancing days through this one.

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Tags: Sven weisemann , electronic music , deep house , house music , edm , papi's empanadas , empanada house , papi's empanadas podcast , chicago house , detroit techno
0 Comments February 2012 :: Daniel Bortz Suolmates Podcast [Released December 2011]
Posted by leilasarvghadi on February 16, 2012 at 1:29 PM

No, we did not spell SUOLMATES wrong above. SUOL is an independent Berlin-based record label featuring Daniel Bortz, Till Von Sein, Trickski, and others. Now go on and get down and deep with this funky house mix by the amazing rising star, Daniel Bortz.

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Tags: Daniel bortz , electronic music , deep house , house music , edm , papi's empanadas , papi's empanadas podcast , empanada house , berlin house
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